Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Belly shot

Here's our most recent belly picture from the very end of 22 weeks. I'm starting to really FEEL pregnant. It's taking a bit more effort to roll over, get up, and bend than it ever did before. Hard to believe I have 16 more weeks to grow!

Per my doctor's orders, I've been relaxing more and having fewer braxton-hicks, which is great. But now it seems that I need to relax less. Apparently, if I sit for too long (which is kind of necessary for relaxing), I get horrible sciatica pain when I get up. Long story short, Tim had to come home from work today to rescue me! We went to the doctor and his new advice is to not sit for too long, but rather keep moving and changing positions. Oh, and I'm allowed to take a whole tylenol!!! (note oozing sarcasm) I'm just hoping I have no attacks next week while Tim is in Alabama for training!!!


Michelle Stille said...

Go see a chiropractor! I had lots of BH with Gabe and he was full term so it can be normal. Some people get them, some don't.

mimi said...


i need a pic of my bennet trying to hug mommy!!!

feel good honey, yoga, meditation. a good stretch every few hours isn't a bad idea either. i had the same thing with all of you guys...try a damp (as warm as you can handle) towel. something about the moist heat that does soothe it for a bit. sometimes that's all you need...just take the edge off! i love you sweetie hugs and kisses to you and all my 'guys'!!!!! let me know when you get the boxes!!!! ILY!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOX