Monday, June 29, 2009

Congrats to the Navy's newest Lieutenant!

After an administrative snafu which resulted in a one month delay, Tim is finally being promoted today!!! 

Congratulations Lt. Nelis!!  We love you!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Things we found IN our couch...

2 television remotes

The letters F, Y, and O

A cordless phone

A dinosaur - unspecified species

1 sock

2 pretend coins belonging to the Fisher-Price cash register

A magnadoodle

And, interestingly enough, $0.00!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One Month Old!

Has it really been one month already?  Jude is growing so fast before our eyes!  I wish there was some way to slow him down.  He's much more alert now and he's got quite an appetite!  He's also falling into a nice little sleep routine at night.  He eats around 10 before I go to sleep.  Then he wakes to eat and get a new diaper at 1 am and again at 4:30/5:00.  Then we get a little more rest until Bennet gets up.

Jude's diaper rash is clearing up, but it took a lot of experimentation to find a solution for his sensitive tushy!!  The regular diaper cream only made his bum worse and the prescription did nothing!  So now, every diaper change includes spraying his bum with water and wiping with a clean cloth, then he gets his bum washed off in baking soda and warm water.  He then lays butt up for 5-10 minutes to dry off and air out.  After that, I slather on  extra-virgin raw coconut oil and pure lanolin.  A cloth diaper (unbleached cotton only) rounds out our routine!  A bit high maintenance, I'll admit, but it works!!

Since I'm nursing at the keyboard (again), I'll leave you all here with just a little sample of the cuteness we've been seeing around the house lately!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Home Alone

Well, Tim's paternity leave is over!  We were so very lucky to have him home with for so long, but we may have been a bit spoiled!  I mean, how many Dads get to stay home until their little one is 3 weeks old?  Anyways, Tim went back to work yesterday, leaving a VERY scared new Mom-of-two at home.  Luckily, I found out about a class on Monday mornings for Bennet so we went there yesterday and signed him up.  He's the only boy in class but that doesn't seem to bother Bennet at all!!  I should tell you, it's a ballet class, but Tim prefers to refer to it as "rhythm and movement" class.  Either way, Bennet LOVES to dance and is absolutely thrilled with his new class.  I forgot to take the camera with me, but I certainly will next monday and will have to post some pictures.  He particularly loves sautees (jumping)!  

Poor baby Jude has an awful diaper rash (I suspect a yeast infection) and a terrible case of gas!  I'm taking him to the doctor tomorrow to check out his rash and I ordered an extra-strong diaper rash cream and mylicon drops.  Unfortunately, one of the cons to living here is that you can't always just run to the store and find what you need.  It's not too hard to find things online, and I've not come across too many things that I can't order.  But waiting for things to get here is a pain, especially when I know my baby is suffering!!  Hopefully the doctor can prescribe something for his tushy tomorrow and the gas relief drops should be here any day now!

Tomorrow is Bennet's last day of school before summer vacation starts!  We're planning to celebrate the beginning of summer with a whole weekend of events!  Saturday morning, we have Bennet's closing ceremonies for tee-ball.  I've heard that all the kids get trophies!  How stinking cute is that?  Later that night, we're going to a friend's house for dinner.  Their daughter, Chloe, is Bennet's age and he absolutely adores her!!  Then on Sunday, we're going to Safari Land.  It's a local zoo here where you get on a bus to go through and you can even feed lions and tigers from the bus!  (With tongs of course!)