Friday, February 27, 2009

Fresh, Homemade Bread EVERY day!

I heard about this from a friend and just had to give it a shot. So, I made the dough 2 days ago, which took about 5 minutes to mix and then just sat around on my counter, and later in my fridge. Yesterday, I spent another 5 minutes taking it out of the fridge and setting it on my counter. A little while later it went in my oven. And by lunch time, we were all eating sandwiches on bread that had been made less than an hour before! YUM!!

Today, I made sesame rolls that were destined to be lunch sandwiches again today! Delicious!!

Here's a link to a page with the master dough recipe that I used. It honestly couldn't be easier! I don't even have a pizza peel or baking stone, so I used the back of a cookie sheet and another cookie sheet with parchment paper instead.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

99 Days!

That's right! This morning marked the official foray into double digits. Only 99 days until my due date. I cannot even begin to express how good that feels! To celebrate, I'm sharing my latest belly photo from last night. I'm just a few days shy of 26 weeks. Which means I only have one more week left in the second trimester! I would ask where the time has gone, but I actually can't remember what it feels like to NOT have a human being inside me. 99 days doesn't seem all that long though! Not when I started with 280 days to go!

And, we've been having issues getting photos off of the camera and onto the computer. I can only do them one at a time, which takes FOREVER. So don't hold your breath for tons of pics! We're working on the problem and you're just going to have to hold yourself over with these!

Just because they're so darn handsome!

My new wrap carrier makes an awesome hammock for Bennet. Check back in 99 days for pics of Baby Nelis being worn in it. I cannot wait to babywear again!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Belly shot

Here's our most recent belly picture from the very end of 22 weeks. I'm starting to really FEEL pregnant. It's taking a bit more effort to roll over, get up, and bend than it ever did before. Hard to believe I have 16 more weeks to grow!

Per my doctor's orders, I've been relaxing more and having fewer braxton-hicks, which is great. But now it seems that I need to relax less. Apparently, if I sit for too long (which is kind of necessary for relaxing), I get horrible sciatica pain when I get up. Long story short, Tim had to come home from work today to rescue me! We went to the doctor and his new advice is to not sit for too long, but rather keep moving and changing positions. Oh, and I'm allowed to take a whole tylenol!!! (note oozing sarcasm) I'm just hoping I have no attacks next week while Tim is in Alabama for training!!!