Saturday, January 31, 2009

Japanese Junk Food

McDonald's and Coca-Cola are about as American as you can get. But Japan does both WAY better we do!

Ever since we got here, people kept telling us to go to McDonald's and we just couldn't figure out why. But we finally did a few weeks ago and now we get it. It tastes SO much better here! Normally I would never eat Mickey D's, but here, it's a whole different story. Their oil is cleaner which means no nasty after taste or belly ache from your fries. The sandwiches actually look like the pictures -- every time! And the serving sizes are normal instead of gargantuan. Tim, Bennet, and I have been going on saturday mornings to get breakfast there because it's so yummy. I'm slightly addicted to egg McMuffins right now (which are actually fairly balanced and nutritious if you don't mind the cheese and white flour). They have a few interesting items on their menu here as well. Like for breakfast, you can get a biscuit muffin, or if you're feeling healthy you can go with the salad McMuffin (literally salad on an english muffin with a slice of bacon and cheese). They also serve german-style hot dogs and fish filets for breakfast. Later in the day, if you're not up for a Big Mac, you can always get an Ebi burger (a shrimp patty with all the typical fixins of a burger). I've not actually tasted the Ebi burger myself, but everyone tells me it's pretty awesome!

I'm not a big soda drinker, although I've missed diet coke since I became pregnant. And once in awhile I will indulge in soda, usually some coke. And when i do indulge, it's almost always out in town. Japanese coke tastes different - it's less sweet and it doesn't coat your throat with sticky sweetness because Japan uses sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. It's actually really refreshing and delicious!

I know this post is taking a turn from my norm (Bennet and preggo updates), but I figured you could all use a break from that. This is SUPPOSED to be a blog about our Japanese adventures after all.

OH...I almost forgot to tell you! Tim and I had octopus the other day! It was surprisingly good! Similar to squid, but a bit less chewy with a mild flavor. I figure, if I can eat calamari, I can surely eat octopus - even if the tentacles and suction cups are a little freaky!


Anonymous said...

ewwwww octapi (sp) gross but damn now you have me craving calamari from carrabba' little rat!

i need to know what size pants B is growing into....PLEASE i have a box waiting to ship but want to get a couple pairs of jeans with the shirts i got... SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute he's gonna love them!!! than i'll be sending squiddy stuffffffff!!!!! (soooooooooo excited) love to all!


Crystal said...

I had the same experience when I visited Ben in Japan. McDonald's was incredible! I specifically remember saying to Ben "My food looks exactly the same as the commercials and signs!" It was incredible to me. Most fast food from the states looks like it was run over by a truck before handed to you. Anyway, Ben told me that the work ethic was totally different in Japan and you can see that in the food. He wasn't kidding!

The Ceelens said...


shari323 said...

Oh YUM!!! Just reading this made me want to run down to McDonald's - haha!! I have been craving french fries - especially from there. And I agree with you about McDonald's in other countries - it's SO much better!!