Friday, February 27, 2009

Fresh, Homemade Bread EVERY day!

I heard about this from a friend and just had to give it a shot. So, I made the dough 2 days ago, which took about 5 minutes to mix and then just sat around on my counter, and later in my fridge. Yesterday, I spent another 5 minutes taking it out of the fridge and setting it on my counter. A little while later it went in my oven. And by lunch time, we were all eating sandwiches on bread that had been made less than an hour before! YUM!!

Today, I made sesame rolls that were destined to be lunch sandwiches again today! Delicious!!

Here's a link to a page with the master dough recipe that I used. It honestly couldn't be easier! I don't even have a pizza peel or baking stone, so I used the back of a cookie sheet and another cookie sheet with parchment paper instead.

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