Friday, June 27, 2008

Nurturing Creativity

Tim and I have of course talked about how we want to parent. And we've discussed what values are especially important for us to instill in our children. Among them, environmental awareness, religious and cultural understanding, and an active imagination (as well as a number of others not mentioned here).

I recently purchased this book, and I am so in love with it, I need to share it with you! This book perfectly mirrors my vision for our little family. I am so pleased to find such a well-written book with so many fun and imagination-inspiring ideas.

I would recommend this to any and all parents. Children are blessed with such wonderful imaginations that we should all strive to nurture and cultivate that creativity.

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Michelle Stille said...

I might want to borrow that book when you are finished (if you're still here that is). I'm big on environmental and religious awareness, too. And being imaginative but I think that happens naturally when kids are left free to learn what they want.