Sunday, June 29, 2008

A bittersweet moment for a lover of all things Jane!

Contrary to popular belief, we did not just pick our son's name out of a hat one day and then butcher the spelling. Bennet's name came from Pride and Prejudice. We gave him the main character's family name. I have always loved to read Jane Austen's novels and daydream about the gowns, country balls, and manors of England. I've read and re-read her novels countless times. But somehow, one of her earliest works (it was published first, but written after she had already began others), has escaped me all these years. So, the other night, while little B and I were on a "date", we stopped into Barnes & Noble for some book browsing and left with a bag full of books. Among them, Northanger Abbey.

Despite my excitement about reading a Jane Austen novel (I've been reading her novels for so long, I honestly don't remember ever reading them the first time) that is completely new to me, I can't bring myself to start! I know that if I read it now, then I will never again open a Jane Austen novel for the first time! So, for now it is wrapped in tissue paper and tied with ribbon, awaiting a day special enough for the last "first" reading!

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