Monday, May 4, 2009

Getting Close!

Well, I'm 36 weeks today. Only one week until I'm officially full term! I had an appointment today which went just ok. For the second week in a row, my blood pressure is high. I normally have low blood pressure so I'm kind of surprised. Last week it was hovering around 142/90, but today it 148/102. Not so good. I swam a lot last week, did some yoga and meditation, napped a fair bit, and just generally relaxed. But none of it helped my bp obviously. Both appointments I had blood and urine tests to check for protein in my urine and liver function. Both times they came back normal. Basically, that means that I don't have pre-eclampsia, but that I do have pregnancy induced hypertension, which can lead to pre-e. I've had quite a bit of swelling as well. Tim says my feet look like the people on Wall-E. You know, the ones who live in the chairs and never walk! I would be offended, but it's true! I'll go back to the doctor this week before we leave to have my bp checked again. If it remains high, I may be induced once I'm full term. I REALLY don't want an induction, so I'm hoping this little boy will decide to come on his own before the doctors decide to evict him!

Just to give a head's up, we won't have a lot of internet availability in Yokosuka. We'll try to update from the library on base as best we can, but no promises! And we definitely won't be able to upload pictures. So you'll all have to be patient and wait for birth stats and photos until we get back home at about 3 days postpartum. So, just be patient and know that not hearing from us isn't cause for alarm!!

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The Ceelens said...

Thanks for the heads up!! No worries Mommy!! Keep those feet up! Soooooooooooo excited!!! Your gift is in the mail...I have nooo idea when you are going to get it, but its on its way!! Good luck Mommy, Daddy, B, and Baby *&^%^%$!!!! :)