Sunday, May 24, 2009

1 week old today!

Time is surely flying!! I can't believe just a week ago, I was meeting Jude for the first time! The whole family agrees that we can't remember what it was like around here pre-Jude. Bennet is enjoying being home again. Shortly before we left, Tim and I set up a whole new playroom for him and he's LOVING having his own place to climb, jump, and be wild! Unfortunately, B is feeling under the weather, so we don't have as many brother pictures as I'd like. But he'll be better soon hopefully and then we'll have plenty I'm sure!!

Otherwise we've been relaxing and enjoying life as a family of four. We all went for a walk last night and got some ice cream. (One of Bennet's favorite family outtings!) Jude and I have been working hard at nursing. Which is going really well. I love knowing that I am providing him with all his nourishment. And nothing beats the snuggling and staring into his eyes while he enjoys a tasty snack!

Jude had his first spongebath at home this week too. He's not a huge fan of being cold so I'll admit, there were a few tears at times. But it went well, until he got us back for having the audacity to want a clean child!! Only mere moments after being wrapped up in a snug, clean, dry towel, he let loose a huge, messy poo! So he also had his SECOND sponge bath that night!

Since I'm typing one-handed, I'll just leave you all with a few new pictures from the last week!

Meeting Jude for the first time in the delivery room!

His first outfit. In the hospital, he went au naturel with only a dipe and blanket. I embroidered his tiny little shirt for him in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. *notice the big brother in the background*

Hanging out with the boys. This was the day we were discharged from the hospital.

Jude's coming home outfit. One of the few outfits that actually fits him! He's SUCH a peanut!

First bath!

Just moments before the great poo disaster!

He make look just like Tim, but he seems to have inherited my tendency towards making wierd faces! I'm so proud!!

Big Brother Bennet in his big kid playroom!!

Look Ma, no hands!! That's right! I'm such a pro, I'm nursing hands-free...DISCREETLY! Who knew I could be discreet?

And just because he's so cute it's sickening:


Michelle said...

Oh, Jude is so cute!!!!!! Congrats on a beautiful baby boy and I'm glad everything is going so well! I just got back from vacation and I was thinking on my way home, I wonder if Sara had her baby yet, and I checked my e-mail and there was your blog with baby Jude!

The Ceelens said...

Love, love, the pics! Keep 'em coming!!