Wednesday, January 7, 2009

47 hours!!

**I have no excuse for my bad blogging habits. And I'm not making anymore promises about when I'm going to start writing more regularly. So, think of it as a surprise when you get a new entry!! That will make it fun!**

On to the blog!!!!

Only 47 hours until we find out what "kind" of baby is in my belly!!! Tim is still holding firmly to his guess of "boy" and I still have a strong mother's intuition that it is definitely NOT a puppy or alien! As far as boy or girl, I really have no clue though.

Unfortunately for all you, you're going to have to wait a few days longer to find out! Since we're here in Japan and I'm high risk, I have to birth in Yokosuka (near Tokyo) and so that is where I have to go for this ultrasound. Which means that we won't be getting home until Saturday night (Saturday EARLY morning for those of you US dwellers). Good news (for Tim and I) is that the weekend we are in Yokosuka, their NEX (Navy department store) is having a big baby sale!! Ok, so really that is good news for me moreso than Tim, but that's really just semantics! I've been eyeing up all the cute, frilly dresses, and the adorable little boy rompers. Now we just need to find out which I should be buying!!!

In other news, Squiddy is becoming quite active!! He/she sleeps all morning, and then comes alive after dinner! Kicking, rolling, stretching, and even tap dancing at times! We've even had a few times that the Squid kid has stretched so hard that Tim and I could feel both ends of the baby!! Tim still has not felt any kicks yet, but that's only because EVERY time he puts his hand on my belly, Squiddy instantly calms down! Should be a GREAT trick after he/she is born, but for now, is annoying mommy who just wants Tim to feel a swift kick!!

We've also determined that Squids has his/her father's taste in breakfast foods! I've been craving cereal and cheese omelets. But not even the good omelets with cheddar, tomato, onion, and green peppers. No no no. Squiddy wants omelets a la Daddy (i.e. american cheese)!!! The natural, eco-friendly, organic-loving girl in me is outraged! But the belly has spoken! Tim has been known to make me an omelet at 11:00 at night so I don't have to go to bed hungry! How's that for romance?

Bennet is starting to get excited. He says hi to the baby now and is stil enraptured by all the babies we meet around base! He's also starting preschool and therapy next week. He's VERY excited!! I had wanted to try homeschooling with him for a few years, but he gets SO excited everytime we walk past the school, say the word school, or pull his backpack out of the closet. I think he's REALLY going to like it!!

And just for fun, here are some of Bennet's shining moments from the last few weeks!!


Kate Anderson said...

Bennet is getting sooo big!

Michelle Stille said...

That's so exciting! I can't wait to find out!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Bennet wants to go to school. But doesn't that mean he is growing up or maybe he just wants to check out the chicks. Congrats on the baby boy squiddy. Any names yet?

love to all

aunt linda