Wednesday, December 24, 2008

16 week belly

I've been slack on the belly shots. So here's a quick one from over the weekend. We were in Hiroshima for the day. I'll post about that one later. It was a really amazing city and great trip!


Beth said...


Anonymous said...

my little squiddy is in there!!!! oh my god lok at you sara the time squiddy comes all you'll want to do is tuck shirts in and belt everything!!! ILY

Anonymous said...

Hey Nelis Family

Sara is looking good, squiddy looks real cute, can't waite to hear what it is. Your mom says a girl.How is big brother Bennet doing? Did he get the christmas card from us.Gotta go
lots of love.

Aunt Linda, Uncle Boris and Uncle Bob

Anonymous said...


I love this shot, you look beautiful!!

Hows Bennet? and Tim?

today I'm seeing Sean and I showed him your picture... he thinks all three of us are beautiful, I hope you can meet him soon, anyways Im ranting

love love love you and there are things coming in the mail, keep a look out, and stay strong

ps keep close to ben and jerry, you are looking a little too thin for squiddy's own good