Monday, December 1, 2008

We're moving Friday!

Well, we got on a list to get into a bigger house about a week ago, and today we were offered a three bedroom apartment in the building that we were hoping for, no less! It's one of the two newly renovated buildings on base and it's right next door to the school that Bennet will be attending. It's closer to the middle of base too and there is an adorable park right out the front door! We're very lucky to have gotten in so quickly, but that means that we are moving very soon now!!

Unfortunately, Tim is going to be on a business trip from Sunday until the 18th of this month. So we have to have everything moved into the new place by Saturday night and I'll have to take care of having our current place white-glove clean for the final inspection next week. We'll get the keys to the house Thursday and will start slowly taking over boxes then. Saturday will be the big move day when we get a few friends to help us with the furniture. And then I'm on my own for unpacking and settling in. I hope to have the house up and running by the time Tim gets back from his trip.

So what does this mean for all of our family members? Well, since I had planned to wrap and mail all of your gifts this week, it means that I will be sending them a full week later than I had planned. So you may or may not have your packages in time for Christmas Day....I'm sorry!!! I will have them sent out by the 13th though, so it will be a REALLY close call!!!

This was very unexpected for us!! We were initially told that we would not get into a 3 bedroom until February, so it was a shock to hear today that we're moving THIS WEEK! We're very excited though since the new place is significantly larger and Bennet will have his own dedicated playroom! I'll take some pictures for you all as soon as we're moved in and settled. Until then, posts will (again) be scarce!


Anonymous said...

where can i send your package? bennet HAS to ave something to open from me cristmas morning...

Anonymous said...

honey don't worry about getting gifts out right now.... bennet is te only one we have to make sure has gifts from santa and family... just relax, enjoy the space and remember that box will still be there in the morning, you can always do more another day. take it easy!!!!! i love you both. timmy have a safe trip honey.

love to my sara, tim, bennet and squiddy.