Friday, July 17, 2009

2 Months!

Jude is 2 months old today! I can hardly believe it, but my little chunker is really growing up! He has started smiling at us recently, which is SO fun! Tim, Bennet, and I all sit around making faces and acting goofy, in an attempt to get him to smile at us again. He's also gotten huge! He hasn't had his 2 month check up yet, so we don't have an exact weight for you. BUT, we did use the highly scientific bathroom scale method to get a weight estimate and he's a whopping 13 pounds! More than double his birthweight! He's also awake during the day a lot more now and occasionally sleeps for longer bouts at night (OCCASIONALLY). He's still a very happy and easy going baby -- not much crying at all! We're extremely lucky to have two fabulous little boys who make our lives SO much more exciting!

As you can probably tell from the lack of posting, life has been busy around the Nelis household! I plan to update you all later with a mega-post and lots of pictures from the last month. But for now, here's Jude's 2 month picture from today and, of course, a shot of Bennet being his goofy self!!

You can see the fat lip he got today from falling....he's a rough and tumble little man for sure!


The Ceelens said...

Happy Birthday Jude!! Hi B! Miss you guys!!

Anonymous said...

OMG how cute can it possibly get? i can't believe our little jude is 2 months old already! i can't wait to see both my boys. poor b!!! little wild child!

my love to you all and kisses to my boys!!!

mimi xoxoxo