Sunday, June 21, 2009

Things we found IN our couch...

2 television remotes

The letters F, Y, and O

A cordless phone

A dinosaur - unspecified species

1 sock

2 pretend coins belonging to the Fisher-Price cash register

A magnadoodle

And, interestingly enough, $0.00!!


mimi said...

wow you must have cleaned that sofa recently...that's not much! lol i love you and hope you had the best father's day ever daddy tim!!!! hope you guys got my message..ohhhh you changed the 'family blog' pic.. the message on the phone, what? jude gets no calls? poor squid kid gets no respect...what does he have to be 2 months old before becoming a permanent fixture??? LOL

love and kisses and hugs to all my loves!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day Tim!