Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In the 10 week countdown!

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One day shy of 30 weeks!

We're officially in the 10 week countdown now! And what's more, we're leaving to go to Yokosuka on May 11th (at 37 weeks) to wait nearby the hospital! We're all getting very excited. The house is more and more ready with everyday. All the tiny clothes are washed, diapers are prewashed, folded, and ready to go, and Bennet felt his brother move for the first time the other day! Tim still hasn't read the birth coach book I gave him. And now that we're in the countdown, my polite pleas for him to prepare himself for the birth of our son and my strategic placing of the book where he's sure to see it have morphed into slightly less polite demands that he read the damn book before I have to strategically place it somewhere else. I'm happy to report that I caught him reading it today, unprompted, during siesta. :)


The Ceelens said...

Hey Sweetie!! You look great! Email me your address if you get a chance. Are you cloth diapering?

Michelle Stille said...

What kind of dipes are you using?

Sara said...

Yea, we're cloth diapering him. I got Earth's Best disposables for the hospital and the train ride back home. But once we get back here I got a variety of dipes. Mainly unbleached indian prefolds, some kissaluvs, and then 3 poockets and 3 aios in different brands to test them out. They're sooo soft and snuggly!