Friday, August 8, 2008

Fast Update

So, I know I've been a bad blogger. But I think I have a half decent excuse for it! If you've been paying attention to our moving ticker, then you know we have only a week left in the country. So, you can imagine, we're pretty busy. The movers have come twice already, for storage and our express shipment. They're coming for the last time to tomorrow for everything else. Between now and next friday, we're busy with the last few administrative errands, dropping our car off for storage in New Orleans, and running the last minute errands.

I can't promise that I'll be blogging any time soon though. I'd suggest that you give us 2-3 weeks to get there, and get settled. I do promise though, that my next entry will be exciting! I'll be sure to post about the journey and will make it pic laden!!

p.s. Tim got home two weeks ago. It's been lovely! Bennet is thrilled to have Daddy back!

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