Monday, July 7, 2008

Plans for this week

Monday -- Heading to Pensacola to get carriers for the cat's for our flight to Japan. Apparently, we need to weight the carriers with the cats in them for the paperwork for our move! (Sounds ridiculous, I know). And Audrey Hepburn will be DISPLEASED!!! Don't worry, I promise to photograph the adventure!! Hopefully we'll get a chance to hit the pool for an afternoon swim. Although the afternoon storms have been pretty bad lately!

Tuesday -- Bennet's speech therapy in the am, of course. And then I think we'll head to the library too. If our stroller is back from the shop (yes...I got a flat tire on my stroller) we'll hit the trail that runs in front of the library.

Wednesday -- Popsicles and some sprinkler action in the morning. We're going to a playdate in the afternoon for a few hours. Yea for socialization!!

Thursday -- More therapy and pool time! Perhaps some grocery shopping as well.

Friday -- Lundy's blueberry farm! We're going to pick our own blueberries and then bake a pie! YUMMO! Pics will be added for you to drool over!

Saturday -- I'm thinking this is a potential beach day (weather dependent). I really want to head down in the late am and pick up some Bagelhead's for lunch. I REALLY miss Bagelhead's! Next to Bobbi and Cathleen, Bagelhead's is what I miss most about working!

I'd like to go to the playground a few times too. We didn't get to all week because the weather has been awful! I brought our slide indoors for Bennet, and he's been dragging it all over the house -- apparently you haven't fully experienced the slide until you've slid in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, and hallway!

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