Thursday, August 6, 2009

Here's what we've been doing lately...

What have we been up to?

Tim has perfected the art of drawing a bubble bath, while Bennet has been working on styling his "hair".

Jude is big enough to use his jumperoo (with some blankies for support) and he is LOVING the new freedom!

I've been having fun experimenting with my wraps...
Why yes...that IS a 30 lb child on my back!

Jude is learning to grasp toys and is really getting into "play".

And I've been getting into another knitting frenzy...babies do that to me! This is a little sundress for Stella, and I've curently got a little vest on the needles for Jude (pics to come later).

And, as you can tell, Tim has been busy BEHIND the camera, honing his photography skills! Hopefully this weekend I'll get some of him too! He's been extremely busy lately, training for the Iwakuni triathlon that will take place September 20th! We're all very proud of him, if not a tiny bit resentful about how easily he's able to lose weight while some of us are struggling with baby weight!

BUY NOTHING NEW CHALLENGE UPDATE:'s going...not great...but it's going. We've had a few lapses here and there, but we can definitely see a HUGE difference in the amount of stuff (not) accumulating in our house! Sadly though, I can't say this is something that we'll be able to stick to 100%, but I do think it will drastically cut down on our (my) spending in the future!

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Anonymous said...

the dress is incredibly adorable. and both my grandsons seem to have that innocent devilish twinkle in their eyes...hmmmmmm! wonder who's side of the family that came from!!!!!

love you all!!!