Monday, November 3, 2008

10 weeks today!

And our appointment went great!! The obstetrician decided that we will be able to deliver Squiddy at the (semi) local Naval hospital instead of having to travel to Okinawa for the second half of the pregnancy!! We also got to peek in at Squiddy today. I couldn't see the screen very well, but Tim got to see the baby's heartbeat. He even saw him/her moving!!! I'm pretty jealous, but we got a great picture so I'm ok with it!

That's Squiddy's head on the left and body to the right. The legs and arms are curled up so you can't really see them. But if you look hard, you can see the face!!

Oh yea, Squiddy is officially no longer an embryo today, but a full fledged fetus!!


Michelle Stille said...

Oh, that's so exciting! I get so excited when other people are pregnant. =) Are you feeling any better?

Anonymous said...

omg are you showing yet? you have to keep a journal of pics of that sweetie!!!! hope you're feeling well and all my love to my bennet, tim and you..


Crystal said...

Your baby is already beautiful and perfect! :)