Saturday, September 6, 2008

No more walking please!

We've been here for a little over two weeks now and in that time, Tim estimates that we've walked about 500 miles. Not really, but maybe 100 (for real!). Grocery shopping on foot was my favorite. One screaming toddler, enough food for 3 people for as many days as I could carry, in humidity that makes a former resident of Pensacola whine, at a grocery store a mile from home translates into an afternoon of fun! And that's just grocery shopping! There was also checking into every building on base, running errands, buying a car, not to mention exploring town! Tim and I made the extremely dumb mistake of deciding to WALK into town! We'd gone on a bus tour and figured that the walk wasn't that far! HA! We arrived home 6 hours later, sweat-drenched and with feet that had gone on strike 2 miles back.

So you can imagine my elation, when the car dealer called yesterday afternoon to say that the car we purchased is ready to go!

I dragged Bennet (screaming all the way, mind you), one last time, through the streets of base, before we crawled into that air conditioned haven and drove off on the left side of the road. And it was good!

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