Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Reality sets in...

And I'm going insane! We went to base yesterday to start getting our paperwork together. First, we have to all be screened for overseas suitability which means we have a long list to go through as well as shots, appointments and dental. Then that all gets compiled into a report and sent to the Doctors in Japan to decide if we're suitable to live in Japan. So, now I have that to worry about! But we still have to prepare as if we're moving there in the meantime and just hope that we get clearance. We also started doing an inventory of the house and I was surprised to see just how much junk we've accrued! We definitely have PLENTY for a yard sale next month! Other than that, we've made the decision to store our beloved Honda due to the outrageous fees Japan slaps on cars coming in from the US. So we'll have to buy a cheapy Japanese car when we get there. Bennet is at preschool today which is great for getting stuff done! Nothing like a wild 2 year old to sabotage progress!! That's all for today, I think. Will update again later!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Getting excited!

We took Bennet to Ichiban (a local Japanese restaurant) yesterday for lunch. Tim had shrimp tempura, I had unagi, and Bennet had yakisoba! He even tried miso soup and liked it! We all had fun celebrating together and the waitresses were of coure loving little Bennet who flirted the whole time! After lunch, we headed to Barnes & Noble to check out their selection of books on Japan! We found a beautiful book about Japan with tons of photographs of the different regions, customs, and, of course, foods! We also got a really neat book about samurai! Bennet even got a book. It was the classic "Stone Soup" set in a Japanese village. I can't wait to read it with him! We might even make our own stone soup next week! We also put in an order for a book of Japanese fairy tales. Next week we are planning a trip to the library to find more books for Bennet. We really want to prepare him for the culture change.

In less fun news, Tim and I started discussing the move budget which means no more trips to Target for me! BOO! We're planning to have a garage sale in the next month since we don't want to take a ton of stuff with us when we move. It should be fun, but garage sales always take so much planning! That's pretty much all for now! I'll post more later!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Here are some pics from around Iwakuni that I found today!

We're moving to Japan!!

Today we got orders from the Navy to move to Iwakuni, Japan! We are moving in august, which means we have a LOT of work to do in the meantime! Passports, immunizations, packing, saving for the move, and learning to speak Japanese!! We are very excited about the move. It's truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Well, I am just too excited to write anymore right now! I'll update as we get more info!